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Jazz Forum


1 Dixon Lane
Tarrytown, NY 10591
ph. 914-631-1000
em. jazzforumarts@yahoo.com


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Date Event Time / Price
Apr21Sat Massimo Fara Quintet 7:00 PM
Apr21Sat Massimo Fara Quintet 9:30 PM
Apr22Sun Mauricio Zottarelli Quartet 4:00 PM
Apr22Sun Mauricio Zottarelli Quartet 6:00 PM
Apr22Sun Gene Perla Quartet 8:00 PM
Apr27Fri Eric Alexander Quartet 7:00 PM
Apr27Fri Eric Alexander Quartet 9:30 PM

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Jazz Forum

Mark Morganelli, musician, producer and Executive Director, has opened this 100-seat venue, with a Steinway grand piano, hand-crafted walnut bar, light menu, separate lounge and pool room, and a contemporary art gallery. The Jazz Forum will present headline jazz artists on Fridays and Saturdays and celebrated Brazilian groups on Sundays. It will offer an intimate listening room with clear views of the performing artists from all table and bar seats. The club will feature Italian wines, local beers, special cocktails and a full bar. The menu will be Italian “quiet food” of tapenades, charcuterie, cheeses, and desserts.

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